International Disability Center Do-It-Yourself Fundraiser 2021-2022

Rolling for Ukraine

Thank you for considering this mission that was launched in an effort to help Disabled Ukrainians - as they flee from their homes. Hundreds of thousands are still not able to relocate, and they desperately need our help. 

ACCORDING to the Ukrainian Government there are approx. 2.6 million people living in their county with a disability, and at this very moment, every one of those individuals, along with the rest of the country- is in a fight for their life. 

Disabilities do not discriminate. Having one isn’t based on age, gender or sex. No nationality, religion, region or color is exempt. Although we can still maintain strength and Independence despite our abilities - there are still many that we face - including emergency evacuation planning & safe escape routes. 

As I began to search for ways to help, I found Joni and Friends - an International Disability Center with a Global Mission to help individuals in dire need. In order to fill THIS immediate need, Joni and friends teamed up with a Ukrainian couple, to find those left behind and escort and arrange them to safety. 

Last week - they led a mission that helped save and relocate 35 people - 11 of whom were Disabled, 4 of them children. Although this was an outstanding act of heroic teamwork, love & bravery mixed into one - hundreds of thousands of people stranded throughout the country with no way to escape, no medical supplies and no way of knowing their next move - especially if you cannot physically move

With one mission complete, and 35 Ukrainians, now safely out of a war zone, and in the Netherlands - Joni and Friends, along with their missionaries on the ground will execute their 2nd mission to help disabled Ukrainians get to safety. 

I launched this fundraiser in hopes that you, my community of friends, family and other SCI's around the globe - will consider this one specific mission, that will help the most vulnerable population, as you also search for what they can do to help.

Maybe if I can get enough people to donate, we will be able to see the impact that we have made, together. 

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT and please consider joining me on this beautiful mission! I LOVE YOU ALL!

-Samantha Twining


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